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Mission statement: Daburghjacks' mission is to create a place in the Pittsburgh pa. area where men can enjoy each

other comfortably in a safer sex environment . Achieving this through masturbation and mutual masturbation

meetings.Also, to foster the love and enjoyment of masculinity through homosexual bonding activities.site new picture

HELLO SIR,and welcome to a Pittsburgh men's group. DaburghJacks,proudly helping men get off in the Western pa. area . So you have arrived at this site either through a web search about masturbation, or a direct referral from me or another man or member.How ever you got here, you're probably horny right now and are wondering if just masturbating around other men, and mutual masturbation is fun .As far as our group being just jackin off, read the blog and f.a.q. page (most guys that come to this site want to know about that right way).Unless we are just what you were looking for,a jack-off group then,great! If you want to get off and have cyber sex with a local guy visit the webcam room now.

        First, let's address discretion and meeting at our present venue rather then a hotel.We meet twice a month in Butler pa.When you opt-in to our mailing list with the newsletter form in red in the side bar at the right,or during registration I will email you the Butler pa. location. I keep your email address private and secure, i don't share it with any entity and the list is password protected for my eyes only.I will only contact you once or twice before a meeting just as a reminder.            


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           The Winter 2016 meeting dates
January 9th , 6 pm, 2016 at our Butler pa. address

January 17th, 2,pm, 2016 at our Butler pa. address

February 13th, 6 pm, 2016 at our Butler pa. address

February 21th, 2 pm, 2016 at our Butler pa. address

March 12th, 6 pm, 2016 at our Butler pa. address

March 20th, 2 pm, 2016 at our Butler pa. address

                                      LIVE MODELS!!!!

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