Dates and times, location Oct 8th at 6 pm in Butler pa. ▪ Oct 16th at 2 pm in Butler pa. ▪ Nov 12th at 6 pm in Butler pa. ▪ Nov 20th at 2 pm in Butler pa. ▪ Dec 10th at 6 pm in Butler pa. ▪ Dec 18th at 2 pm in Butler pa. Join our cum shooting parties here                                                          Masturbators                                                                                Tumblr-Icon                                                              

Mission statement: Daburghjacks' mission is to create a place in the Pittsburgh pa. area where men can enjoy eachother comfortably in a safer sex environment . Achieving this through masturbation and mutual masturbation meetings.Also, to foster the love and enjoyment of masculinity through homosexual bonding activities.

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HELLO SIR,and welcome to a Pittsburgh men's group. DaburghJacks,proudly helping men get off in the Western pa. area . So you have arrived at this site either through a web search about masturbation, or a direct referral from me or another man or member.How ever you got here, you're probably horny right now and are wondering if just masturbating around other men, and mutual masturbation is fun .As far as our group being just jackin off, read the blog and f.a.q. page (most guys that come to this site want to know about that right way).Unless we are just what you were looking for,a jack-off group then,great! If you want to get off with a guy now see our webcam area below.
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        First, let's address discretion and meeting at our present venue rather then a hotel.We meet twice a month in Butler pa.When you opt-in to our mailing list with the newsletter form at the bottom or during registration I will email you the Butler pa. location. I keep your email address private and secure, i don't share it with any entity and the list is password protected for my eyes only.I will only contact you once or twice before a meeting just as a reminder.
 Second, we know that,married, guys with girl friends,bi curious,straight, men with high profile jobs, and the like, maybe worried about being recognized at the meetings.Well if a guy is there that you know,he is there for the same thing so you both got the goods on each other. Now back to fellatio and butt play. You can indulge by taking a guy to a hotel or home,but to keep the integrity of DaburghJacks, we are a jack off group,which is hot in of it self.Also the theme being stated for everyone,you're not expected to be asked to do anything "unsafe". 

 Hey are you a man that adjust himself in public?Then you belong in this group.Men not afraid to adjust there junk any where they are,got balls!I love talking to a guy then i suddenly reach down and adjust my stuff. After a while in the conversation he usually does the same.If he only knew that you are lucky enough to belong to a group of guys that masturbate together and pull on each other.Find a way to let know about us. Men feel most masculine at the point of ejaculation,lets experience that together! Want to find a local jack off buddy?But are to shy or nervous to make the first move? We promise after you come to one of our events you will enjoy yourself and want to come again.It is a known fact that male bonding facilitates emotional and physical health. Doing something that makes you happy, whether it is jacking off with your buddies, spending time with a friend or loved one, even if it is just watching a funny movie, can boost endorphin's, serotonin and levels of other naturally occurring hormones and chemicals that can leave you with a heightened sense of well-being and happiness. Men who feel strongly connected to friends and engage in activities they enjoy have better emotional health that can aid their physical well-being too! Being socially connected and bonding with other men has helped me tremendously to relax, become more secure and emotionally stable, and given me connections with men who have supported me in taking better care of myself, said Ron Nevelow, who left a high-stress accounting job for a career in social work and psychotherapy, and joined an all-male singing group to relax and socialize. 

Do you find that your wife or girlfriend has plenty of girlfriends ,while you have few? Well this group meets twice monthly, and you are bound to meet a buddy,married ,single or a man in a relationship you can bond with , that is,if you keep coming to our circle jerks.Admittedly this jack off group of Pittsburgh, takes male bonding to its highest degree.Why not start there and grow to do other things with your new pal? Join us frequently in the webcam room on the site here and get to know some steady members.As your confidence grows and you WILL get to know us.


 The Fall 2016 meeting dates

▪ Oct 8th at 6 pm in Butler pa.
▪ Oct 16th at 2 pm in Butler pa.
▪ Nov 12th at 6 pm in Butler pa.
▪ Nov 20th at  2 pm in Butler pa.
▪ Dec 10th at 6 pm in Butler pa.
▪ Dec  18th at 2 pm in Butler pa.


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